Ecommerce tools – part one – an ecommerce website

This is the first post in a series of articles about the top five ecommerce tools which businesses need to generate sales.
The first thing a business needs is a professionally designed website with a wide range of products at competitive prices. Businesses have a wide range of options in terms of website design. Photogold can offer a custom design for an ecommerce website.

The internet represents a sales channel for most businesses offering products or services with a  local or national market. Once the website is set up the company has 3 options in terms of promoting it.

  • tell all your existing customers . The website can be promoted on shopfront windows , invoices and statements and on van livery
  • search engine optimisation . This consists mainly of getting high quality links to the website plus citations on business directories and social media mentions
  • advertising. Google Adwords is the best way of advertising online

Photogold specialises in ecommerce solutions  for photography, art and shopping websites and business blog design . Our standard platform for ecommerce is Magento . For businesses with up to 100 products  WordPress can offer a good alternative . Photogold can supply professional ecommerce business photos  from our extensive picture library or our professional photographer can shoot the pictures which are required.

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